Why iron is most suitable choice for investment casting manufacturer?

Posted: September 26, 2014 in Investment Castings
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Investment casting is a casting process widely used in Industries, which is also known as lost-wax casting. There are a range of materials that can be used in the investment casting process, like Iron, stainless steel alloys, aluminum, brass, and carbon steel.

But Iron casting is the suitable choice for investment casting manufacturer because they can cast plenty of ferrous casting components using iron casting process. The process includes various types of iron having specific strength and hardness. The characteristics depend on applied heat and alloy added to molten metal. It can also resist high wear and tear.

During the casting process, A mould is designed using the different type of wax and metal is poured inside. After solidification, metal is removed away carefully without causing any damage.

Gray Iron

Gray iron casting is done by pouring metal into the wax mould. The particular iron has certain graphite content has makes it enough hard to use with extreme conditions. Gray iron casting components are also free from any wear and tear. This type of casting is suitable for automotive cylinder blocks, automobile industries, and other brake components.

Investment castings components

Casting Components

Ductile iron

Ductile Iron which is also known Spheroidal Iron with some parts of phosphorus and sulphur, is used by Investment castings manufacturers for precise castings and quality components. The difference is maintained by adding alloys into it.

Because of its flexibility, they can be shaped into various size and thickness. For heavy casting, you can add more alloys into it to increase its strength. It is generally used for making gears, roll mills, pistons, door hinges etc parts.

Compacted Iron

It combines properties of both gray iron and cast iron. It has strength and hardness of gray iron as well as flexibility and thermal conductivity of ductile iron. Compacted iron casting is suitable for metals subjected to heavy loads. To know more on compacted iron, it is better to contact cash tech experts.

White iron

The next suitable choice for investment casting manufacturer is white iron. The metal cools down quickly as compared to other suitable choices. It is suitable for applications required high temperature and heat.  The last suitable choice is malleable iron and it is suitable for components that need flexibility. It has also an excellent resistance against tear and wear.

Investment castings have many benefits while using with Iron like Reliability, tolerance, beneficial for environment, and many more advantages. It’s the better casting than sand casted, welded, or forged fabrications.


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